Speed Demon

(Prompt: Everyone falls asleep at the same time except for one person.)

Eric Howard

Everyone falls asleep except one person. He takes off his headphones and looks around. He is on a train en route to Chicago to meet his girlfriend and her family.

He thinks nothing of it at first, until he sees a strange figure moving into the next train car.

He tries to wake the person next to him, but to no avail. He proceeds to follow the shadowy figure into the next car and finds that everyone here is asleep as well.

While trying to find the strange figure, he finds a deaf girl who is scared out of her mind. Her mother is in a trance and she is unable to effectively communicate with the man who is unable to understand sign language.

The power soon goes out and the strange figure reveals itself as a nightmare, a creature that feeds on the souls of people as they sleep.

The man grabs the girl and they both run back to the rear car as the nightmare follows them. The man soon realizes that if the crew is asleep, they won’t be able to stop the train, and the train is moving at full speed towards its destinations. If they don’t find a way to stop the train, it will crash and kill everyone onboard and many more from the impact.

They also find out that there was a song that put everyone to sleep. The man was immune because he was listening to his own music through his headphones at the time and the girl is deaf.

The man puts on his headphones and communicates with the girl using body language. They begin to work their way to the front of the train while keeping an eye out for the nightmare lurking in the shadows.

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